Explore Health Benefits for Staff

The ODA Wellness Trust is a benefit available to ODA member dentists and their staffs. It is an employer group plan, which means your employer is responsible for instituting the plan.

The ODA Wellness Trust offers:

  • Traditional benefit plans as well as Health Savings Account plans.
  • An extensive provider network.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Attractive copay and deductible options.
  • Tax savings for both the employer and employee.

Talk to your employer or office manager about the ODA Wellness Trust

The ODA Wellness Trust is an employer group plan, so it is up to your employer to decide if he or she would like to offer the plan. If you are interested in gaining access to the plan, you can start by talking to your employer or office manager.

Some dentists are worried about the cost of health insurance, and the great thing about the ODA Wellness Trust is it does not cost the employer anything, and in fact can save them money because payments are made through a payroll deduction with pre-tax dollars.

Some offices are also worried about the administrative burden of offering a health plan to their employees, but we’re here to help with that! Our staff helps your office complete all necessary paperwork and makes the process as turn-key as possible.

To start the conversation with your employer or office manager, click here to download a flyer about the ODA Wellness Trust that you can share with him or her.

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If you or your employer has any questions, please contact us today at 800-282-1526 or email us at insurance@oda.org.  


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