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Your ODA Wellness Trust team is here for you at every step of the process. We are not paid on a commission basis, and we have your best interests at heart. Have a question? We would be happy to help. When you call us, you’ll get to speak directly with a person.

We help with many of the administrative burdens of offering a health benefits plan. We can help answer your initial questions, assist with the enrollment process and work with your team and Medical Mutual to set up each team member. And once your health benefits are active, we are available to answer any questions you have and will even contact Medical Mutual on your behalf when needed.

While you focus on dentistry, we’ll focus on the health and wellness of you and your team!

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Speak to one of us today by calling (800) 282-1526 or emailing We’re happy to help!




We can answer any questions you may have about your health benefits. Contact us today, we're here to help!